What we do and how we do it

As you venture through Paddington you never know what you'll stumble across and as you enter the heart of Paddington you'll find one of Sydney's most interesting shops - Bloodworth Bellamy, owned and curated by Nick Cadey, a lifelong collector of interesting and unusual objects. The three cornerstones of the shop are art, antiques and heritage or in other words, beautiful, valuable and historic.
Nick prides himself on seeking out the intriguing, stimulating and curious that is the antithesis to the vast majority of other shops you'll find in Sydney or for that matter in Australia as Bloodworth Bellamy is at best - a thought provoking and engaging browsing and buying experience - and at worst - an eccentric display of oddities that would be at home in a bohemian mansion or in Freud's Museum. 
About Bloodworth Bellamy
Nick has an unquenchable curiosity about the world and is a self confessed 'mind of useless information' which is handy in his line of business, he is totally absorbed into all the objects that surround him in the shop and this delightful approach is admirable and almost always thought-provoking.  "When I invest into an object I have to be stimulated in some way, be that because of impressive craftsmanship or a gripping and absorbing provenance, I have to get excited about an item because if I don't love it why should I expect anyone else to, it's a very personal approach but its authentic and this shines through".  Nick's customer service aims to be gracious and welcoming which is typical of Paddington although Bloodworth Bellamy would be at home in any fashionable suburb in Sydney. You are welcome to come and go from the shop without being harangued but you'll always be greeted with a cheerful hello. If you have any questions then Nick is a font of knowledge on all his stock and can tell you - in his engaging manner - something about each object, be that where he got it, who owned it previously, what it was for or how it fits into our history. 
Objects you want to love
We ask Nick what he sees as the biggest growth area for his business? "With the explosion of apartment living in Sydney I'm seeing small furniture and items that fit onto shelves or hang on the wall as the best sellers.  People want to add their unique touch and character to rental properties so they come to us to find objects that represent their individual style".  Bloodworth Bellamy has a very broad customer base. Nick tells us " We have a lot of passing trade in Newtown but we have also become a destination store as our stock is so unique. We have a lot of customers who are creative types such as artists and entrepreneurs through to professionals like lawyers and doctors with everything in-between.  We ask, is there a line that you won't cross, can an item be too weird? The answer is a definitive yes, "There is always the danger that in selling objects that are provocative you can alienate people and that seems foolhardy, having said that the old adage that you can't please all the people all the time is never truer than within the doors at Bloodworth Bellamy and therefore we are open to providing objects that other antique dealers wouldn't think of selling.  I'm not opposed to fine and traditional antiques but I'm also happy to leave that for people who are more interested in those areas. Our focus is on selling through the website and shop but we also hire our stock out to movies, TV and photographers for props". More recently Nick has used his extensive experience as a buyer to help families dealing with the task of inherited objects.  Nick will go through an estate and identify which objects should be sold privately, through a specific auction room, be donated to charity or responsibly disposed of to minimise the impact on landfill.
Make sure you visit the shop
Visiting Bloodworth Bellamy can be an enchanting and pleasurable experience and you're sure to find a treasure to add some charisma to your home. It's amazing how long you can spend engrossed in 1950s toys, vintage vinyl, 1930s science fiction, taxidermy and tribal objects. It's a unique store that brings creative and thought provoking objects into your home and provides you with a one-stop resource for some seriously unusual gifts.
Go visit.