Objects traveling through time from my hands to yours

My love for antiques and vintage has always been with me, like me, you probably know lots of people who are perennial collectors, whose parents and grandparents were just the same, with homes full of wonderful curios and slightly dusty objects from days gone by.

I love things made by hand, strong and sturdy. I love the post war period where color explodes and the rule book is thrown out the window. I love board games, too much. I have an odd fascination for vintage kitchen items, particularly if they are unused and in the original boxes. I find myself drawn to strange medical devices for unknown ailments and even more elusive cures.

I love connecting people with objects which is why it’s so much fun when someone finds something they lost long ago like a vinyl LP from their childhood or they find that ‘thing’ they never even realised they needed until they found it on the stall or in the shop. That is the best.

I will only buy items that are in good condition, I don’t mind a bit of ‘wear and tear’ if it tells a story and with some things like old tins or wooden items it positively adds to their character. And maybe that is it, I’m drawn to things with character.

I started Bloodworth Bellamy with my wife Rene in August of 2012. I had a lot of vintage and antique items for men that I’d been collecting for years, some of which I brought to Australia with me from my home country of England back in 2007. Our first outing as Bloodworth Bellamy was at a two day vintage fair in Marrickville Town Hall which was close to where we first lived together in Dulwich Hill and this brings me on to the story behind the name.

James Bloodworth was one of the first freed convicts in Australia and was gifted land to make bricks which as a master bricklayer he used to build the first Government House in Sydney. He married Sarah Bellamy and they lived on a large plot of land that stretched from Petersham through to Dulwich Hill, where Rene and I were living at the time. I loved the story and I loved the name and BloodworthBellamy was born.

Happy hunting and if you have any questions just ask.

Nick Cadey, Curator & Owner


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539 King St History

BloodworthBellamy got the keys to 539 King Street on 16 Dec 2015 and we opened the doors on 24 Dec 2015. Our history with the building is therefore brand spanking new, especially in light of the long history of various merchants in this beautiful building.

This is to the best of our current knowledge the history of the previous occupants and we welcome any amendments:

1994 – 2015 Tower Antiques

1985 – 1994 Vacant

1946 – 1985 Tower Radios & Records

1939- 1946 Vacant

1929-1939 Men’s Tailors

1909 – 1929 Dispensing Chemist

1880-1909 Malloys

1880 Building erected