Bookies tote board

bookie board

This was a fun find from the last buying trip. It was originally used at Rockhampton Race Track and its got the knocks and bruises to show for it. A great display piece for the wall of the study or games room.

Available in our shop in Newtown.

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Bookies tote board

April/May 2017 buying list

We are looking to buy the following items to meet customer requests. If you have any of the following please contact with photographs.

  • Esoteric and medical
    • Anatomical torso and medical models
    • Taxidermy rabbits
    • Taxidermy birds
    • Taxidermy butterflies and mad insects
    • Small taxidermy animals
    • Human skull models
    • Skeleton sculptures or bones
    • Witchcraft stuff
  • Nautical
    • ship figurehead
    • ships lamps
    • ships wheels
    • ships signage
    • ships brass telegraph
    • Ships in bottles
  • Clothing and accessories
    • 60cm bowler hats
    • Vintage spectacles and sunglasses
    • Vietnam silk jackets USA
  • War
    • WW2 japan occupation bcof
  • Childrens and games
    • Chess sets
    • Godzilla
    • Lead toy animals
    • Wooden animals, especially dogs
    • Pinocchio figure in wood
    • Tin globes
    • 1980s boys toys
April/May 2017 buying list

April – what’s new in store?

New in store this month we have the following:

  • Timber chess sets. About 50 vintage sets to choose from. 

  • A pair of stunning late 1700s walnut armoir’s from France.

  • A velum bound book from 1583 covering the worlds royal families genealogy up to the birth of Elizabeth I.

  • New books on American politics along with a good series of 1960s Mills & Boon with original dust covers.

  • 100 new records (vinyl 12 inch) mostly Rock and Japanese imports from the 1970s

    I’m on the look out for a shop poster display rack so that I can better present all the vintage posters we have in stock.

    More updates to follow.


    April – what’s new in store?

    March – What’s in Store?


    It’s been either very hot or very rainy for the first few weeks of March which has felt like a real shift in the seasons and motivated me to make lots of changes in store in readiness for the colder autumnal and winter months. The main changes are as follows:

    • Lots of lamps and mirrors
    • A new copper and brass section
    • A clean up of the vinyl records section – now predominantly 70’s and 80s music
    • A focus on small furniture pieces
    • New artworks
    • A choice selection of vintage posters
    • A bevy of vintage radios.
    • A few more taxidermy birds for the natual history section.

    Let me know if there is anything you are looking for or follow us on instagram bloodworth_bellamy






    March – What’s in Store?


    So much of what I do here at Bloodworth Bellamy is about presenting carefully selected objects and I get so swept up in presentation and I forget that not everyone knows the history of the objects in the shop. Part of what I enjoy when I am sourcing is hearing the history behind an item and if it remains anonymous a few handy internet searches can often provide information on the maker, when it was made and for what reason. If I genuinely don’t know a thing about the object I’ll confess.

    Chris Blencke_Bloodworth-6179


    Hip Hip Decay

    BloodworthBellamy is extremely proud to have an exhibition of Hip Hip Decay.

    Hip Hip Decay is the sculptural work of Suzanne McRae, a Ballarat Australian based artist. The mixed media pieces depict animal and anthropomorphic creatures, made with vintage and aged fabrics, antique buttons, staining and fraying.

    Suzanne McRae graduated from the University of Ballarat in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts Ceramics. Over the next decade she moved into costume and fashion, operating shops and web businesses sewing for clientele near and far. Most recently she has returned to her beginnings in sculpture and ceramics, coupled with her textile experience, to create pieces which are finding a place in galleries and the homes of people who are transfixed by their character and charm.


    Hip Hip Decay