April/May 2017 buying list

We are looking to buy the following items to meet customer requests. If you have any of the following please contact nickcadey@bloodworthbellamy.com with photographs.

  • Esoteric and medical
    • Anatomical torso and medical models
    • Taxidermy rabbits
    • Taxidermy birds
    • Taxidermy butterflies and mad insects
    • Small taxidermy animals
    • Human skull models
    • Skeleton sculptures or bones
    • Witchcraft stuff
  • Nautical
    • ship figurehead
    • ships lamps
    • ships wheels
    • ships signage
    • ships brass telegraph
    • Ships in bottles
  • Clothing and accessories
    • 60cm bowler hats
    • Vintage spectacles and sunglasses
    • Vietnam silk jackets USA
  • War
    • WW2 japan occupation bcof
  • Childrens and games
    • Chess sets
    • Godzilla
    • Lead toy animals
    • Wooden animals, especially dogs
    • Pinocchio figure in wood
    • Tin globes
    • 1980s boys toys
April/May 2017 buying list

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